HeadsUp.social Social Synergy Network

Use Hashtags to Make New Social Connections

Using hashtags is a powerful way to find people to connect with on HeadsUp.social.
A hashtag is any word that starts with the hash character # - such as #Synergy. To make a new hashtag, just start a word with # when writing a Social post.
In the left-hand column of HeadsUp.social under Hashtags I Follow, your chosen hashtags are listed - just click one to get a list of Social posts that contain that hashtag.

Click the X to delete a hashtag from your collection, and use the Search Hashtags button to see all hashtags in the system.
There's a handy hashtag-helper in the Social post editor.

When you type 3 or more letters of a word, if there's a hashtag in the system which contains those characters, suggestions will appear at the top of the editor.

Click a hashtag in the drop-down list to replace the letters you have typed.

Find Posts Via Hashtags

When you click on a hashtag in a social post, or click one in your collection, or click one on the Search Hashtags page, you get a list of posts which contain that hashtag.
Read those posts to find people writing about things that you also care about, want to encourage and perhaps want to collaborate on.
Similarly, by creating new hashtags, you increase the probability that other people with similar interests will find your posts.
Join the conversation with comments and pictures, and send contact-requests to make direct connections so you can enjoy the privacy of encrypted messaging and face-to-face private video calls.