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By Craig Dunn, founder at HeadsUp.social.
  You scroll down your feed, past this post and that post, pause over another, take a few moments to read a headline, a caption, zoom in on a photo, hit the Like button.
  The super-computer controlling you content now knows that you showed no interest in the first two posts, but you liked the third ... you scroll further.
  Next is an ad, calculated by the algorithm to be relevant to you, based on its analysis of your personality, built by monitoring everything you've ever done on social media.
Now the recommendation-engine will suggest a video you might like, or invite you to join a group - even one about salad-dressing laced with Covid-19 vaccine - because they know you're interested in health-care.
  Next they might show you a couple of posts intended to get you down, make you feel helpless - to set you up for the next item which is an ad for some kind of happy pill.
  This manipulation is in your face every time you go to your social media feed. If that's several times a day, it can be thousands of times a year. It's virtually impossible to escape its influence.

Set Yourself Free!

  But it doesn't have to be this way. It's perfectly possible to socialize online without being redirected, misdirected, monitored, surveilled, analysed, advertised at and pushed this way and that.
  You can do that on HeadsUp, completely free of algorithmic pressure.
  • Decide for yourself
  • who and what you want to engage with, because it's interesting, not because it was recommended by an algorithm controlled by commercial interests.
  • Don't look for Likes
  • because you won't get any! Likes are shallow, almost meaningless affirmations that fall far short of real conversational engagement, so there's no Like button.
  • Curate your own feed
  • The Private feed contains your own posts, posts by your contacts and people you follow, posts with hashtags you follow and posts in groups you are a member of. Add and remove at will.
  • Venture into The Wild
  • The Public feed is an unfiltered stream of posts by everyone, a source of new content where you can comment, follow, bookmark, block, report and ignore as you please.
  • Select notifications
  • Push-notifications - those that demand your attention even when you're not using the app - are all off by default. Select only the ones you want.

No algorithms

  Be in charge, reclaim your mind! The absence of algorithms means that you - and only you - are the only influence on what you do, what you engage with on social media.
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