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Notifications Management

  Many apps and websites over-do their use of notifications. Their intention is to make you return frequently, increasing "engagement", drive impressive metrics and sell advertising time.
  HeadsUp.social, on the other hand, offers notifications only to be helpful, and we take steps to prevent them from causing stress and loss of focus.
  There are two types:
  • In-App
    In-App notifications are created while the app is live, so you only see them while you are logged in and the site is on-screen. Their presence is marked by the familiar red indicators.
  • Push
    Push notifications are created on the server and sent to your browser even though you may be logged out or the browser is in the background. These can be announced by sound or vibration, according to your settings.

Do Not Disturb

  Find the Do Not Disturb function at top-right when you're logged in - it cancels Push notifications, rejects incoming calls and delays In-App notifications, all for 30 minutes, ensuring that you will not be interrupted.

Take Control

In-App notifications are all switched on in new accounts!
  • Opt-out
    Go to Profile Settings and switch off the notifications you don't need.
  • Opt-in
    Push notifications require that you permit your browser to receive them - find that function also in Profile Settings.
  • If you opt-out of receiving an In-App notification, its Push equivalent is automatically cancelled. If you opt-in to receive an In-App notification, you can also opt-in to receive its Push equivalent.
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