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  HeadsUp.social social web-app is not run for profit. We do need to cover operating costs and pay salaries, but our ethical principles take precedence over profit.
Capitalism created the wealth which built the world, and the greed which is destroying it.
  Social media platforms driven by surveillance-capitalism are doomed to be unhealthy. Just read Surveillance Advertising and the Damage Done to see where we stand on this matter.

Support HeadsUp.social

We live by the grace of our members - please contribute what you can to enable HeadsUp.social to thrive and drive synergy among good people.
Contribution options
Contributions go to our parent company
acdit.com Co. Ltd.
~ All funds are used to grow and improve HeadsUp.social ~


  Our principles are not for sale. We are here to build a healthly, friendly and helpful community where synergy abounds and people can find others who share these values.

Why your support is important ...

  Investment-capital and shareholders always demand maximum profit, often leading to higher cost, poorer service and hidden business practices.
  We don't have investors or shareholders - we have empathetic supporters.
  As a HeadsUp.social supporter you help to fund a social community whose members are not
  • under suveillance
  • HeadsUp.social does not monitor members' behaviour nor build hidden profiles to be analysed and capitilized on.
  • influenced by algorithms
  • HeadsUp.social does not use algorithms to make automatic connections - you make your own choices, following your own interests.
  • distracted by advertising
  • Since there is no advertising, we completely avoid outside influence.

Your Support Matters

  - because without it we would have to accept capital from investors who would use your membership to drive profit, as is common on commercial social media networks.
  HeadsUp.social invites you to contact its founder Craig, or contact Support at any time to discuss any aspect of the app, its content or its funding model. Log in to make contact.
  Have a very nice day!
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