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Social Network Groups

HeadsUp.social social network groups are populated by people who care about specific topics, places or events and if you belong to one, you can share posts to the group and comment in it too. Anyone can make and manage a group, and anyone can join.
All HeadsUp.social social network groups are public. (We want to discourage covert groups, so all groups are open).
* You can make a private network ...

To Make a HeadsUp.social Group

Hit the Pages button to display the pages menu - this provides a link to your own page and links to all the groups you own or have joined. Click/tap Create a new Group ...
Type in your new group name, and Submit.
You can then set the Group Avatar and Profile Statement using the Change and Edit buttons, and manage users via the Admin button.
Posts made on the group page also appear in the other streams - they bear your name in the usual way and are also labelled with the group name. Users can visit and join the group by clicking that label.
* You can make a private network in Profile Settings by making all your Social posts visible only to your contacts, or by using the Private checkbox on invidual posts. Private posts cannot be shared to a group.

HeadsUp.social Groups

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