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Help and F.A.Q.

Social, Messenger and Video Chat are HeadsUp's 3 main functions, and Settings, Contacts and Everyone are for managing your membership.


Support is available in everyone's Contacts list - message or video-call anytime, or email
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HeadsUp.social networks build synergic relationships between people whose interests and values converge. Members are encouraged to make relevant, stimulating posts and to engage with each other in fruitful conversation - meeting each other and knowing our world better.
HeadsUp uses principles of Humane Technology to avoid facilitating superficial contacts and various forms of unhelpful outcomes online.
There are two feeds: Public and Private.
  • The Public feed
    contains posts by everyone, so it's a good (and wild) place to go in search of new ideas by people you don't know.
  • The Private feed
    is your filterable personal feed, containing your own posts and posts by your contacts plus people, hashtags, bookmarks and groups that you follow.
Two significant differences between HeadsUp and other social platforms:
  • Written replies - not Likes
    There is no Like button - "Likes" have fostered a widespread habit of shallow, non-verbal interaction shown to be addictive and blamed for causing weakened relationships and diminished cognition.
    Written replies, on the other hand, are highly valued. With each new comment, posts move to the top of the feed, keeping active conversations current while inactive ones slip away.
  • No sharing, no virality
    There is no Share button - Sharing can allow social media posts to reach un-natural [viral] prominence without being fact-checked or peer-reviewed.
    Posts with interesting and valuable content become popular in an active and organic way by people following each other's posts, joining groups and via hashtags and bookmarks, and by people sharing links to worthy conversations.
    To invite others to visit a post, use the Link button to copy its URL, and send it in a message or in a new post.
There are three ways in which members can moderate what they see, available via the menu on every post and comment:
  • Delete comment
    Post-owners can use the Delete this comment function to remove any comment on their posts.
  • Report post
    Use the Report function to send a message to Support, explaining why you find the post objectionable. HeadsUp admin thanks you and will take the appropriate action.
  • Block user
    Use the Block function to hide posts by someone whose content you don't like and prevent them from commenting on your posts. This protects your interests while allowing others freedom of expression. (Un-do blocking in Settings).
Tools to find and track posts of interest:
  • Follow
  • Use Follow to ensure someone's posts are included in your Private feed.
  • # Hashtags
  • Use #hashtags to create connection opportunities: Create a hashtag by using # at the start of a word in Social posts. Others who then follow that hashtag can select to see any posts that contain it in their Private feed.
  • Bookmarks
  • Use Bookmarks to quickly return to posts you want to follow, so you don't have to search for them in the feeds. Bookmarks are listed using the author's name and the post's original date.
Videos from Youtube and Vimeo can be embedded in your posts and comments. Copy the video URL and paste it into the post editor just like any other link.
You can also record 30-second videos with your webcam while making new posts or comments.
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HeadsUp messages are encrypted and stored only on the sending and receiving devices and can be deleted at any time. There are no copies.
The messenger supports text, photos and video calls plus file-transfer and one-time Google-map location pin-pointing without tracking.
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Video Chat

HeadsUp video chat establishes completely private and secure peer-to-peer connections directly between browsers, supporting groups of up to six.
Features include screen-share, video-recording, video-playback, Auto Answer, snapshots and choice of connected webcams and microphones.
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The Settings page contains settings for password, privacy and notifications.
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The Contacts page contains a list of your HeadsUp.social contacts and functions for sending and accepting contact requests, removing contacts and visiting your contacts' Social pages.
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The Everyone page contains a list of all HeadsUp.social members whose privacy setting is Public. There are also functions for sending and accepting contact requests, removing contacts and visiting people's Social pages.
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