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Get the HeadsUp App

  Download the HeadsUp.social app for Android from Google Play or for PC at Windows Store.
  On Android, the app will use your default browser - not neccessarily Google Chrome, but we recommend Chrome for best performance.
  On Windows, the app will use Microsoft Edge.
  Even better ...

Progressive Web App (PWA)

  HeadsUp is a Progressive Web App - that's an enhanced website which can be installed like a native app so it launches from an icon, stores it's code and session data on the device, can receive push-notifications and can run, at least partially, without an internet connection.
  To install the PWA, just load HeadsUp.social in your preferred browser and look for the "Install" or "Add to Homescreen" function in the browser's menu.
  On Android devices, use Google Chrome for Android for guaranteed best performance. (Our tests clearly conclude that PWA-performance under Chrome for Android is superior to all others.)
  Chrome, Edge and Brave enable PWA installation on both Android and Windows, but Firefox and Opera enable PWA installation only on Android, not on Windows.
  PWAs also install and run nicely on Apple devices running Safari, but they cannot receive push-notifications (that will possibly be solved in September '22 when iOS 16 arrives).
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