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Social Connections

  There's only so much you can do on your own - this is widely known. Heads-up! Imagine how much can be accomplished by working together towards common goals.
  Consider, for example, how a 5-piece band can make music 10-times better than any one of the players could do alone, or how society could be benefit if public and private sectors truly cooperate and collaborate ...
  When the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, it's the synergy between the collaborators which enhances the result.

Synergy Enhances Social Capital

  Social capital is realised when people interact. Successful interactions create new opportunities and foster reciprocity, always to the benefit of at least one, sometimes at the expense of another. Where synergy is present, the social capital of all is augmented.
  In a synergetic relationship, people learn to appreciate, value and respect each other's contributions, team-spirit soars and everyone wants to do-more-to-get-more - it's a win-win for all. In fact, it's a win for everyone and everything - a social capital gain, so to speak.
  And all that's required is a positive attitude!

Synergic Social Media?

  Many feel that social media environments have become places where people like to argue, disparage and negate each other's positions.
  Insights show that conflict and outrage online are significantly more engaging than agreement and harmony, hence the advertising-driven attention-economy prefers the former.
  Think about that for a moment - social media platforms' algorithms deliberately agitate and wind you up to keep you engaged so they can more often sell moments of your attention to advertisers.
  Holy crap! Where's the synergy in that? - and what's the balance of social capital for society at large?

A Nod 'n' a Wink to Synergy

At HeadsUp we're inviting you in to an online social space which celebrates the positive, talks the negative into submission, and seeks to foster relationships beneficial to all humankind.
  Oh sure, these are lofty goals, and scoring them may not be easy, but it's fun, it's inspiring, and it's righteous!
  The future of social media cannot be given over to the machiavellian self-interests of advertisers and megalomaniacs - it must be in the hands of the people!
  Sincerely and respectfully yours,
  Craig Dunn, founder at HeadsUp.social.
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