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Privacy Policy

  At HeadsUp we believe that everyone's right to privacy on the internet is absolutely incontrivertible and should never be compromised.
  Therefore, we minimize the amount of data we store, and we keep it private and secure.
  Your HeadsUp profile contains an avatar image that you upload yourself and a self-presentation text that you write. You can choose to keep your profile private, display to it contacts only or to make publicly available.
  Since there is no advertising on HeadsUp, there ar no 3-rd party cookies - the kind that help data-miners track you around the web - either. We use only one secure cookie which enables automatic login on return visits. That cookie is removed any time you log out.
  HeadsUp makes no attempt to gather data about you. For example, we do not track you from page to page, building a behavioural profile. In fact, we have switched off webserver logging of page hits, so there is simply no information to be shared or hacked.
  Your username and encrypted messages are stored in your web browser's Local Storage cache, which you can clear at any time.
  Furthermore, to optimize the safety of your messages, they are deleted from the webserver in the same operation which displays them in the app.
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